The Finest Top Ropes


Not quite ready for the sharp end? Don't quite trust your gear placements on the lead? Do you want to "work" climbs harder than your lead ability? Are you going to take a group of 10 teenagers out climbing? Just coming back to climbing after and injury? Haven't lead in months and lost your leader's head and confidence? Want to do that climb that doesn't have much pro, but don't really want to lead it? These are all some of the reasons a climber may wish to top rope a climb, or climbs. In order to top rope safely, you need some basic skills. Top roping relies on a top rope anchor, so safe, sound, bombproof anchoring skills are a must. These skills can be obtained from a number of resources; professional instruction, how to books, observation from knowledgeable friends, practicing setting up " mock" anchor system, internet information; just to name a few. You also need basic belaying skills, rope handling skills, common since, and safety management skills. Many people think that lead climbing is dangerous and top roping is safe; not necessarily. Done properly, with the proper equipment, skills, knowledge, weather, attitude, and safety procedures, top roping can be a safe, fun, and awesome way to experience some thrilling climbing opportunities. This website offers some suggestions for some top roping opportunities at Joshua Tree National Park, as well as some suggestions for possible gear options for various specific climbs. They are just that; only suggestions. Each climber is totally and fully responsible for his /her safety, and the safety of their climbing party members. Some of the suggestions may be wrong, inaccurate, lame, rock has changed, or just plain down-right crazy. This is not a how to book, or a written in stone Bible of 100% accurate sound information; just possible situations and suggestions. Please read the Disclaimer. Be safe, be smart, educate yourself, have proper equipment, and have fun. Never eat anything bigger than your head, and if your are out at night; wear white. 

  1. The Thin Wall            
  2. Short Wall
  3. Quail Springs
  4. Lizard's Hangout
  5. Echo Cove
  6. Peyote Cracks
  7. Belle Campground
  8. Morbid Mound
  9. The Tusk
  10. Cap Rock
  11. Alanis  added 24 november

PDF Top Rope Guide - PDF402k

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