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Fred Beckey

Fred BeckeyFred Becky needs no introduction.  His name is synonymous with climbing in North America.  He has probably done more first ascents than anyone on the planet.  His climbing resume is unfathomable.  No one has climbed more climbs and more places than Fred Becky.  All other climbers on earth are greenhorn beginner up-starts compared to Fred Becky.  From Alaskan mountains, Canadian peaks, Cascade alpine routes, Sierra rock adventures, crags everywhere, Big Walls, Mexican rock mountains, and sandstone towers in Monument Valley, Fred has left his mark, and usually by some first ascent route too.  I've climbed a number of Fred Becky routes in the southwest; and got plenty scared (i.e. WAY scared), on his visionary and progressive routes, done way back when.  Now in his upper 80's, he's still at it.  While most people his age are barely walking around with walkers, Fred is leading climbs at Joshua Tree (and other places too.) He's still traveling around to climbing areas and crags, shakin' it up, and getting down to the business.  Rumors of an early Fred Becky climb in Joshua Tree call," The White Elephant" have been floating around campfire circles for years.  Some say the climb is up by Indian Head, some swear it's in the South Wonderland of Rocks, some say it doesn't exist.  Maybe the White Elephant is an urban legend, but Fred is the real thing.  Scrappy, crusty, and older than the dinosaurs, Fred recently came to Joshua Tree and we have the picture this time to prove it.  (Extra , extra).  I'm hoping to climb until I'm 60.....and he's taking that age and gone nearly 3 decades further.  It's a tough job, but somebody's got to do it.  Fred Becky RULES!. (photos by Blitzo)






Fred on Willit Slab